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PCG Watch is a site dedicated to analyzing the claims, doctrines and predictions made by Gerald Flurry and the PCG. In order to do this we will also need to analyze many of the doctrines and predictions of Herbert W. Armstrong.

Gerald Flurry and Herbert W. Armstrong have through the years made many specific prophecies—predictions that can be confirmed or falsified. While many members forget these claims, it is our purpose to make you remember and judge for yourself whether they came true. Many other claims, about the history of Christianity, about the origins of doctrines, about the whereabouts of historical peoples, about the nature of ancient prophecies, have been made by Flurry and Armstrong which we will ask you to reconsider in the light of facts and perspectives the PCG and Gerald Flurry—whether by ignorance or by willful deception—do not mention.

The authors of the website believe there is more independent thinking within the PCG than many members may realize. We have received numerous articles from members discussing PCG doctrines in the light of previous Armstrong teachings, biblical scriptures, historical facts, or secular writings—most times this independent thinking is rewarded with a suspension or a disfellowshipment.

We welcome any submissions from members or past-members who believe they have something to say about the accuracy of PCG teachings.

We would also like to encourage responses or rebuttals from PCG authorities, which we will freely post here. One of the defining features of the PCG is that their leaders spend almost no time addressing criticism of their doctrines from the outside, choosing instead to ignore them and hope their members have not heard.